Mattison (agnosticoracle) wrote in wine_tasting,

2002 - June - 06 - Southern France

The theme was southern France focusing on the Loire Valley. We began with Chateau de La Chaize Broully 2000. It is a lovely light red. It is made from Gamay grapes like most other Beaujolais wines. The style is soft and elegant, sometimes described as "feminine." The light fruit and a not too dry finish makes this perfect for light fare. Accompanying it we had a Bonefire Salad. That being a collection of heirloom tomatos topped with onion and roquefort dressing.

As a main course we had monk fish on a bed of white bean ragout with hearts of palm and truffled mushroom stock. It was positively delicious. We paired it with a Clos du Papillon Savennieres 1998. Papillon means "butterfly" in French and has a butterfly on the label. Savennieres is made from the Chenin Blanc grape like the ever opular Vouvray, but tends to be drier with more body. Our particular one comes from a single vineyard.

For dessert we served Muscat de Saint Jean d Minervois. We accompanied it with bananas Foster creme brulee, a combination of two desserts into one. It was wonderful! Unlike the other wines the Muscat is not from the Loire valley though it is from the Languedoc region which is also in southern France. It was quite delicious.
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